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Hi guys -
This is a page for general discussion of all of these pages.
I entered into this Wiki, as a place to start, several items that we'd already developed.  I made a few updates to some of the stuff (like the Student Handbook still said that there'd only been one year, and it mentioned student names, which I don't think we're allowed to do without permission). 
I also put in some of the stuff I developed for you during your visits to the SSC.  I'm going to keep entering more stuff as i have time to do it.  It will almost certiainly end up being a guide for teachers.  It might be worth something with some help from all of you guys to make it more intelligible.
Would it make sense to have some of the kids start their own guide, by students for students?  We'd edit it of course, but they might have fun with it...?
--[[User:Rebull|Rebull]] 14:45, 3 February 2007 (PST)

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