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hey this is nick Kelley from Oil City it is going to be fun working with everybody


Hey guys this is Matt Heath from Oil City. I can not wait to work with all of you guys through this wiki.


ITS matt walentosky, does this work?

Planning for work session June 29 and/or June 30th for Oil City Students

Matt, Matt, Nick, Greg, Danni, Alexis, and Sandy,

We had tentatively planned to meet to work on Spitzer stuff and get ready for California on Friday June 29 and/or Saturday June 30. We could meet at the high school something that might be a bit more relaxed is to meet here at my house near Pine City. Please make comments here at the Wiki site as to what your schedule is like and whether or not you can make a work session. Please do this ASAP so we can decide what will work.

Thanks, Mr. Spuck

Anytime on Saturday the 30th is good for me. I can not make it on the 29th because my brother is arriving from New Jersey that day. Where exactly in Pine City do you live? Could you send directions to my email? Matt Heath

FROM SPUCK - - Turn LEFT onto E 1ST ST / US-62 N. Continue to follow US-62 N. Go 2.9 miles Map

- US-62 N becomes PA-157. Go 13.5 miles Map

- Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto PA-208. Go 3.7 miles Map

- Turn RIGHT onto MILLERSTOWN RD. Go 1.4 miles

- Gravel lane is on right hand side. Come up lane about 1000 feet.

How late into saturday are you planning to work saturday b/c i can't be there until like 1 o'clock earliest!! MATT W.

FROM SPUCK - Is there another day that works better for everyone ... for example Monday morning July 2 into MOnday afternoon??? Please let me know what your schedule is. Also, keep in mind when you make comments that this discussion page is something that can be viewed by the entire world. This is ok, because we want other teacher/student research teams to see first hand the both the good and bad of trying to conduct student teacher research. We are kind of like the "reality TV show" only on the web. :) Thanks, please respond ASAP. Mr. Spuck

I am gonna be gone from the July 1st to the 6th in Virginia. I was talking to Nick Kelley and he was saying that he can make it on the 30th anytime like me. Whatever time Matt W. can make the meeting is fine with me and Nick!! Also Greg is currently in Washington DC with a biology seminar and will not be back till July 3rd. He wanted me to fill him in with all the info he is gonna miss when he gets back. Matt H.

FROM SPUCK - Ok ... it looks like we will meet on Saturday (June 30th). Has anyone spoken to Danni or Alexis?? So where do we want to meet and what time? I'm not sure what condition my room is at the high school because of summer cleaning. I will know more tomorrow when I go up to the school. If we meet at my place, I think we should start BY 10:00 AM and plan on going till about 5:00 PM. If your parents could bring you out, then I could get you back to the Oil City area by 6:00 PM on Saturday, or they can pick you up. Let me know what you think. Matt H. ... have you been in recent contact with Nick? Why has he not posted on the Wiki? Thanks.