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==[[General Background on young stars]]==
==[[General Background on young stars]]==
==[[Color-Color Plots]]=
==[[Color-Color Plots]]==
==[[Presentations, Posters, and Research Papers for IC2118]] ==
==[[Presentations, Posters, and Research Papers for IC2118]] ==

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General Background on young stars

Color-Color Plots

Presentations, Posters, and Research Papers for IC2118

Information for Oil City High School meetings

The next meeting should be at 4 0'clock pm wednesday the 25th at matt walentosky's house. (Specifically for people going to California, so we can plan out events and travel...)

Proposal for Radio Observations of T-Tauri Candidates in IC2118

Monitoring T-Tauri Stars using the Perth Obervatory Telescope

Generating Light Curves

Using Perth Telescope

1. Check to see what the current sky conditions are by checking the live camera


2. Check to see what the current weather conditions are


3. Weather forecast for Perth - http://www.bom.gov.au/weather/wa/

Log into telescope if conditions look good.

http://perthobservatory.org or

EMAIL tspuck@hotmail.com for telescope access

Chandra X-Ray Data

To date no X-Ray data for IC2118 has been located. If you know of any please contact Tim Spuck at tspuck@hotmail.com.

Kitt Peak H-alpha Data

In January of 2007 students from Oil City High School used the 0.9 Meter Telescope at Kitt peak to image regions of IC2118 in H-alpha.'

Matt Walentosky, Nick Kelley, Sandy Weiser were the students who went!!!!!!

USNO U, B, V, R, and I Data

U, B, V, R, and I data will be used to generate more accurate SEDs for the T-Tauri Candidates

Outflows or Jets

Visible outflows or jets are strong evidence that a candidate is indeed a T-Tauri Star

Multi Wavelength Composite Images

Images and Methods

FROM SPUCK 6/30/2007 See Image Below- IC 2118 3.6 µm (blue), 5.8 µm (green), 8.0 µm (red) tri-color composite generated using MaxIm DL. (By M. Heath, N. Kelley, P. Morton, M. Walentosky, S. Weiser – Oil City High School, Oil City, PA)