IC 2118 Current Research Activities

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General Background on young stars

Color-Color Plots

Presentations, Posters, and Research Papers for IC2118

Information for Oil City High School meetings

Proposal for Radio Observations of T-Tauri Candidates in IC2118

Monitoring T-Tauri Stars using the Perth Obervatory Telescope

Chandra X-Ray Data

To date no X-Ray data for IC2118 has been located. If you know of any please contact Tim Spuck at tspuck@hotmail.com.

Kitt Peak H-alpha Data

In January of 2007 students from Oil City High School used the 0.9 Meter Telescope at Kitt peak to image regions of IC2118 in H-alpha.'

Matt Walentosky, Nick Kelley, Sandy Weiser were the students who went!!!!!!

USNO U, B, V, R, and I Data

U, B, V, R, and I data will be used to generate more accurate SEDs for the T-Tauri Candidates

Outflows or Jets

Visible outflows or jets are strong evidence that a candidate is indeed a T-Tauri Star

Multi Wavelength Composite Images

Images and Methods

FROM SPUCK 6/30/2007 See Image Below- IC 2118 3.6 µm (blue), 5.8 µm (green), 8.0 µm (red) tri-color composite generated using MaxIm DL. (By M. Heath, N. Kelley, P. Morton, M. Walentosky, S. Weiser – Oil City High School, Oil City, PA)