Variability of the Mid-IR Sky Summer visit

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Travel dates/times and other logistics

Specific Travel Plans

Peggy Piper
Rich DeCoster
arrive LAX 14:16 PDT on Thursday, 5-Aug on United 945

depart LAX 13:05 PDT on Monday, 9-Aug on United 116
Sharing Mini-Van

Beth Thomas TBD

Students/Names (Sex) /Technology you are bringing

Teacher Student Student
Peggy Piper Joey Romero (M) Rebbecca Rosignolo (F) PC, possible Mac
Rich DeCoster Aneesh Sehgal (M) Alexander Antonow (M) PC
Beth Thomas Drew Brennan (M) Dallas Flemming (F) PC or possible Mac

Hotel - nights of Aug 5 - Aug 8

Quality Inn, 3321 E Colorado Blvd, (626) 796-9291, 2 queen beds, non-smoking room, complimentary breakfast, pool

Potential Freetime Activities

Point of Interest / Notes

Name Notes
Griffith Observatory Closed on Mondays. Great view of Los Angeles and Hollywood sign. Very relevant and very awesome (I've heard)! Early reservations required!
Huntington Gardens In Pasadena - not far from Caltech. Will be packed on Thursday (free day but no tickets left).
Venice Beach One of a kind beach and boardwalk. A good way to see Venice Beach and Santa Monica is by rental bikes.
Getty Museum Free admission, no reservations required. Beautiful view. Closed on Mondays. Free parking on Saturday after 5PM and museum open until 9PM.
Air and Space Museum At the California Science Center. Open 10AM to 5PM.
Universal City Walk Live Music at 8PM and 9:15PM on Saturday.
Mount Wilson Observatory North of Pasadena. Located at an altitude of 5715ft. Over 1.5 hours drive unfortunately due to closed roads.

What to bring list

The Mom in me feels the need to make a list:) Feel free to add items - Feel free to ignore (my kids always do:)

Work Items

a Working Brain
note paper
thumb drives/flashdrives
School appropriate(ish) clothing for 3 days - casual is fine, but we will be in an office setting.

Play Items

Bathing Suit/Comfy clothes
Mrs. P's ugly sun hat
Comfy shoes for possible LONG walks
Spending $$


Phone with contact phone #s saved!
Phone chargers
Toiletries not typically provided by hotel
$$ for food (free breakfast at hotel)

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